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2050 Scenario data

The FlexPlan project aims at creating an innovative grid-planning tool and validate it through six different regional cases in Europe and considering three target years: 2030, 2040 and 2050. The three storylines created by ENTSO-E released as part of TYNDP2020 have been adopted as the reference scenarios for the three target years. However, current public available data for TYNDP2020 scenarios only consider the timeframes of 2030 and 2040, leaving a gap for the data to be used for 2050. Thus, a strategy needs to be formulated to populate the corresponding 2050 scenario data. Stakeholders’ point of view is sought for!

Technology: flexibility resources

It is somehow obvious that flexibility resources will be considered as a support to power system planning processes in the near future, but many uncertainties still exist about how this should be done. A big question is which role flexibility resources will play in power system operation at 2030/2040/2050. What kind of new players or new operational concepts will arise till 2050? On these aspects, we would be keen to listen to the opinion of the European stakeholders.

Planning tool: Features and interfaces

The grid-planning tool to be created within the FlexPlan project will implement advanced features. Nonetheless, the real ambition of the project is not to create a tool useful for R&D studies but to be able to create a prototype of something which could be profitably adopted by the planning departments of TSOs and DSOs in Europe. For this reason, we would like to listen to the opinion of TSOs and DSOs about their preferences (also on “external” aspects like input data format and GUI interfaces).