About FlexPlan

The FlexPlan project aims at establishing a new grid planning methodology considering the opportunity to introduce new storage and flexibility resources
in electricity transmission and distribution grids as an alternative to building
new grid elements.

Watch the animation film describing in detail the FlexPlan set-up

New Publications


The FlexPlan booklet (D8.2) containing a summary of all project activities and conclusions has been finalized: download it from HERE


Recent news

Workshop with EERA (watch the video!)

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA , https://www.eera-set.eu/) is a membership-based, non-profit association, constituting the largest low-carbon energy research community in Europe and a key player in the European Union’s Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan. EERA coordinates its activities through 18 Joint Programmes that provide world-leading scientific expertise on three pillars: low-carbon technologies, materials, and…

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Consultation for FlexPlan regulatory guidelines

The deliverable D6.3 of the FlexPlan project is the very final report of the project. It includes the results of some regulatory reflections, carried out by the FlexPlan consortium after elaborating the innovative T&D grid planning methodology and applying it to 6 regional cases encompassing most of Europe. The regulatory analysis moves from the present…

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