About FlexPlan

The FlexPlan project aims at establishing a new grid planning methodology considering the opportunity to introduce new storage and flexibility resources
in electricity transmission and distribution grids as an alternative to building
new grid elements.

Watch the animation film describing in detail the FlexPlan set-up

New Publications

Recent news

FlexPlan mentioned in TERNA’s Development Plan 2021

The Italian Transmission System Operator TERNA has recently published its annual Development Plan for year 2021: https://download.terna.it/terna/Piano_Sviluppo_2021_8d94126f94dc233.pdf – in Italian, which highlights all grid reinforcement investment planned for ensuring security of supply of the Italian network. In such document, the FlexPlan project is mentioned on page 87 as one of the key on-going R&D projects.…

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FlexPlan pre-processor methodology published

The FlexPlan pre-processor is the tool that analyses grid investment needs (new lines, new storage devices, flexible exercise of big loads) on the basis of Optimal Power Flows with non-expanded grid but updated generation and load scenarios. The results of this analysis is the elaboration of a set with the most promising candidates for grid…

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FlexPlan presented at PowerTech 2021

A special session was held during the first day of the virtual conference PowerTech 2020, to present some highlights of the two projects FlexPlan and INTERPLAN. The session, titled “Innovative solutions for transmission and distribution planning: results of the FlexPlan and INTERPLAN Projects” lasted 75 minutes and was coordinated and chaired by the FlexPlan project…

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