About FlexPlan

The FlexPlan project aims at establishing a new grid planning methodology considering the opportunity to introduce new storage and flexibility resources
in electricity transmission and distribution grids as an alternative to building
new grid elements.

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First session of the project Advisory Board

The first annual  session of the Advisory Board of the FlexPlan project took place on 29th October 2020. More than 30 people were connected in web conference during the three hours of the meeting. They were relevant stakeholders from many affiliations: European Commission (INEA, JRC), European stakeholders and organizations (ENTSO-E, E.DSO, T&D Europe, ISGAN), TSOs…

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A new ISGAN Academy webinar for the FlexPlan project

The Horizon2020 project INTERPRETER (https://www.interpreter-h2020.eu/) is putting up a modular grid management solution for an optimal design, planning, operation and maintenance of the electricity grid with a special focus on the distribution network. INTERPRETER organized a new ISGAN Academy webinar with the name “INTERPRETER – Flexibility needs at system level” aimed at providing an introduction…

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FlexPlan is one year old! Published M12 newsletter

The FlexPlan project is now one year old. Many activities have been carried out in this period and a lot of challenges have been tackled. The just published last issue of the project newsletter provides details on all the activities accomplished by the project during the last 6 months: View FlexPlan M12 Newsletter

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