About FlexPlan

The FlexPlan project aims at establishing a new grid planning methodology considering the opportunity to introduce new storage and flexibility resources
in electricity transmission and distribution grids as an alternative to building
new grid elements.

Watch the animation film describing in detail the FlexPlan set-up

New Publications

  • Deliverable D1.2 – Probabilistic optimization of T&D systems planning with high grid flexibility and its scalability v2.0 (it includes details on the many simplifying assumptions that have been adopted with the aim to improve numerical tractability.Additionally, it includes a synthetic user manual of FlexPlan.jl, a brand-new open access library available in GitHub allowing to apply the FlexPlan methodology by using tools that are completely free to download. This set of free tools was used for validation purposes, but then we also thought of making a good service for a project that is paid with public money to put all this material available in open access.

Recent news

FlexPlan at the CIGRE Session 2022

The FlexPlan project will participate in the CIGRE Session 2022 event in Paris with two papers: “The innovative FlexPlan methodology to reap the benefits of including storage and load flexibility in grid planning: methodology and regional study cases” (C1-PS3-10786) “Storage and Demand Response inclusion in the network extension planning process” (C1-PS2-11029) The former paper provides…

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A new FlexPlan contribution for ENLIT

Beyond organizing one of the most significant yearly events in Europa, ENLIT also hosts a comprehensive web site, constantly publishing contributions to feed the debate on the future of the energy system, in Europe and around the world. The FlexPlan project was recently asked to provide a contribution on how flexibility can support grid planning.…

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